2nd place rookie challenge competition-3rd December 2017

On the 3rd of December 2017 I entered my first grooming competition, the rookie challenge which was situated in Kent. I competed with a Lhasa apso called Mia, it was also her first time competing too. We entered the 5 years and over grooming expierence category. In this catagory there was a variety of different breeds and groomers with mixed skill sets, from all over the country.

The competitors could only prep the dog before the competition so the night before I washed And dried Mia, clipped her nails and clipped around her hygiene area, that was all I was allowed to do, which was completed at 10pm.

We was up and ready to leave to travel to Kent at 7am. When we got there we was given a space number to set up our table and get ready for my first grooming competition. I was very nervous, we was given 2hours to complete our groom, which went so fast it only felt like 2 minutes.

Throughout the groom there was a lot of movement and noise, Mia was easily distracted but still enjoying the atmosphere.

The groomers judging the show are some of the top groomers in the United Kingdom, they walked up and down watching us all

I focused on her shape and did a style I thought would suit her best.

The 2 hours was up and I had to put down my scissors. As I looked around at all the beautifully groomed dogs I became very doubtful that we would place in the top 3. Everyone's dogs looked amazing and I was just happy to take part at this point.

We had an hour before they announced the winners so we took Mia for a walk and gave her some well deserved treats.

We had to put the dogs back on the table when the hour was up. The categories being announced in order of experience, leaving my catagory last. Finally they got to us and I was so shocked to hear that I had come second place. It was my first ever time competing and so unexpected.

I took Mia up to collect our award and take photos, I am so extremely proud of myself and of course my competition dog Mia who seemed just as excited as me.

I've decided to use Mia again in my next competition, the extraordinary grooming show.

So Watch this space