Nail Clip

Clipping the nails down to prevent over growth into the pads.

Bath and Brush

Your pet will be bathed with a specialist shampoo that is specific to their coat and skin type to bring out the best result in their appearance. We then use a high powered dryer to lift any loose undercoat and dead skin. Your dog will have its nails clipped and ears cleaned. Lastly we brush through the coat using a range of brushes to remove any remaining dead hair and small knots leaving the coat refreshed and shiny.

Puppy Package

This is for all dogs up to the age of 6 months. It is a great way to introduce your puppy to the grooming environment and get them used to future grooming experiences they will enjoy. This includes all of the treatments in the "BATH AND BRUSH" groom with a few added extras. When appropriate your puppy will get a facial trim, feet trim and a trim around the sanitary area.

Full Groom

All of the procedures from the "BATH AND BRUSH" will be carried out. The FULL GROOM will have your dog walking out with the desired style that you required. All styles will be carried out using the best equipment specific to the coat.

Luxury Spa Treatments

Why not let us wave our magic wand and add a luxury spa treatment to your pets groom. We offer a range of luxury spa treatments including:

  • Professional teeth cleaning treatment £30 for first session and £15 for following sessions 
  • Facial Scrub £5 - a magical 2 in 1 face scrub and ph balanced treatment that safety removes dirt and discolouration from the face and ears- a 5 minute treatment with massage with botanical extracts to promote healthy hair growth 
  • Mud Bath £10 - a Dead Sea mineral mud bath, deep down cleansing. Activates the circulation. De-stresses. Restores the coats natural beauty. Strengthens the cutaneous barrier. Repels fleas and ticks, a relaxing treatment with full body massage.
  • Pawdicure £10 - a paw palm massage to help treat dry pads and prevent cracking following by a nail clip and filing. Our all year round paw palm soothes and moisturises delicate skin,  natural based and fast absorbing 
  • Conditioning Treatment £5 - this  is a natural intensive treatment after shampooing. Perfect for pets with dull, dry, brittle or matted coats.