Terms & Conditions

Welcoming your pet into the salon

On your first visit to the FairyDog Mother salon, pet owners are required to fill in and sign a declaration contract form before we can start any treatments. As the owner you must inform the groomer of any problems and/or medical conditions the pet may have - these will be for our records only.

All pets must be up to date with their vaccinations & you may be asked to provide evidence of this.

All puppies are welcome but we do request that they have both sets of vaccinations before coming into the salon.

We will do a full consultation with you before the groom, to discuss the preferred style you would like and what is best for your pet.


We will always make sure we groom your pet to your desired look, however we regret that if the pets coat is excessively matted, the coat may be clipped (shaved). As professional pet groomers this process is carried out for the pets health and well being, however still achieving the best style to aid any distress or discomfort that they may experience due to matting.

We will always discuss this with you before the groom in an in depth consultation, as it may be harder to achieve the style you want and can also change the price of the original quote.

Health of Your Pet

Whilst your pet is in our care its health is our primary concern. With this in mind we regret to inform we cannot groom any pets which are pregnant or in season, however please do contact us if you have any queries or concerns

Also if your pet appears unwell at any point of the groom, we will not continue the treatment so not to aggravate or cause any unnecessary stress to your pet whilst you pet is not itself and to also stop the risk of cross contamination to any other pets.

We reserve the right to end any groom at any time without reason.

If your pet appears to have fleas or ticks we may charge a fee to disinfect the salon & bedding, we will fully advise you on necessary treatment for your pet.

We strongly advise you, as pet owners, to insure your pet.

Whilst we take every reasonable precaution to prevent it, we will not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury, death or illness suffered whilst in our care.


We may take before and after photos of your pet for the use of our website and other documents related to the FairyDog Mother,

if you have any concerns please contact us, Or talk to us prior to the groom

All personal data will be kept in compliance of the Personal Data Act 1998 & will only be kept for Fairy Dog Mother records.